Showcasing at Pion Gallery

When you’re deep in the rolling hills of Quebec, frosted with the crisp air and covered in snow, it’s hard not to think skiing.  One of my favourite retreats close to my home in Ottawa is Mt. Tremblant.  With a huge variety of terrain, and an apres-ski scene that can’t be matched on the east coast, it should be top on everyone looking for a weekend getaway.  I knew right away this was a place to get my work showcased.  I became acquainted with a local artist Pion who took a liking to my work right away.  Her gallery “Gallerie Pion” was in a great location right across from the Westin on the main strip of the Mountain Village.  I’m very excited to be a part of this dynamic gallery with so many other great artists.  I will be doing a special series of painting for Pion focused on the vintage ski theme.  The first of such peices was auctioned at Mt. Tremblant in support of the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa.  If you’re in Tremblant, take a stroll through the Pion Gallery.  I know there will be something to spark your senses!