Change of Pace

As you could imagine, things aren’t quite the same as they were only a year ago.  Life has had a change of pace.  Ski buckles aren’t done up nearly as tight.  I don’t have to do an après-ski full body ice and three-a-day stretch sessions.  Nowadays I usually opt for an hour hot tub and beer.  Not quite the performance cocktail, but retirement has it’s small joys.  It’s funny how when you step away from something, you start to notice all the things you didn’t notice when you were there in person.  I used to go to work every morning with views like this.  It was just part of the job.  Everywhere we went looked something similar, incredible.  My advice to all my team mates still racing, every now and again, stop and take a look around.  You have one of the most frustrating jobs in the world, but at least you have a nice work environment and awesome co-workers.

Since I’m posting this on my new website, I figure I don’t have to send you to it. Biggs Design has made some big landmarks this fall.  After a few successful pieces this summer, also with great success raising money for charity, I’m excited to now move strongly into the market with many new dynamic pieces.  I’ve recently signed with the Pion Gallery in Mt. Tremblant, who have begun showcasing my work at the base of the hill.  I completed my first mural, a great experience.  I started working on helmets again.  There’s no better place to display a piece of art than on a helmet traveling the slopes around the world.  Send me an email and let me know what you like about my work.  I love hearing your feedback.

Happy holidays, and good health to everyone in 2013!  -Patrick