Design Projects

Here at my Biggs Design studios, I don’t limit myself to one thing.  That’s boring.  As a studied engineer, I appreciate the beauty in many forms, not just in classic forms of art.  Everything in our daily lives can be seen as art.  A car can represent a moving sculpture that has both form and function.  A coffee mug can have the perfect lines and a spectacular finish such that everyday you take a sip from it gives you joy.  At Biggs Design we aim to merge these two worlds of art and function.  Some of my projects include small building installations, furniture, and sports equipment.  There are no limits to where creativity takes me!

Interior Design:  Condofy your space with custom Biggs Design Walls!  Below is a 100 year old brick wall installed in a modern condo, and a custom glass tile wall with cabinets, and under mount pot lights.

Exterior Design:  Ever wanted a custom Japanese Tea House in your back yard? by Biggs Design

Industrial Design:  Got an idea, but need help bringing it to life.  Maybe Biggs Design and consulting can help you.