My Story

Pat SkiingIt was with great pride that I announced my retirement from Alpine Skiing in the fall 2012.  In May 2004 I was first named to represent Canada as a member of the Canadian Ski Team.  Over the past nine years I have got to experience what few people get to see and do in a lifetime.  Although I had always dreamed of being the first Canadian to win a World Cup Slalom, I leave my sport happy of what I have accomplished and with no regrets.  I have given it my all.  I have competed in two Olympics, placed in the top 10 at two World Championships, scored top 30 results on the world cup for 7 years, stood on top of the podium 4 times at the Europa Cup and 4 times at the North American Cup.  I am proud knowing that I am among the top handful of slalom skiers ever to represent Canada.  It was a tough decision to leave the sport I love so dearly.  In the end it came down to health and commitment.  To compete and win I would have to get back to 100% health, which I estimated to be another year to year and a half after last year’s setbacks.  At this point in my life I was not committed to spend that length of time before returning to competition.

I’m excited to enter a new chapter in my life and the new adventures it will bring.  I’ve recently graduated from Dartmouth College with an A.B. majoring in Engineering and Studio Art, two of my passions.  I’m excited to share these new passions with you here.  Please enjoy

My Studio is based in my hometown of Ottawa, Canada.  I am focused on delivering dynamic and exciting works in oil paints.

I have experimented with various styles and subject matter, but I am most well known for my Skiing paintings.  It’s easy as a painter to trap your subject in a flat and static form on the canvas.  My goal has been to create motion through a variety of techniques.  As a ex-world class competitive skier myself, I can understand the dynamics and motion of a ski turn and translate those exact motions and feelings onto a canvas.  I enjoy working in an open composition and playing with light and changing qualities.  My work has been described as contemporary in style, which intermingle the aspects of semi-abstraction and many concepts from the impressionist.

I’m inspired by everything around me. Nature, People, Cultures.  I’m captivated by motion and the energy in sport.

Through my travels around the world as a member of the Canadian Ski Team I have seen and experienced so many different cultures and their art work.  I love the openness of a Japanese painting, and that it seems to tell a story.  I love the painters from the impressionist movement and the variety of their brush strokes.  I love the works of Roy Lichtenstein, and how he was able to capture emotion through simple lines and dots.  I’m inspired by nature, and how interesting a simple tree trunk, or a stream can be.  But I’m most inspired by the diversity of art out there in the world. There’s something out there that will please the senses of just about anyone.